Tools And links

Programs that I use for my research:

    • LyX: An efficient way to write LaTeX documents in a more comfortable way, but also take notes. Supports immediate preview of graphs, tables and math formulas and therefore cuts the need to compile your document often. Do derivations directly on the computer and enjoy being able to copy&paste your equations!

      • Alternative and better for collaboration: Overleaf. Work in real time from anywhere on your LaTeX documents.

    • Julia: A modern programming language for scientific uses with active development. Free, open-source and most package code is written in Julia itself.

      • QuantEcon provides a thorough introduction to Julia and lectures on how to solve a variety of problems and models in economics using Julia. Also has lectures on Python.

    • VSCode: An easily extendible text editor. Can run R, Julia, Python and many more. Use one tool for everything and enjoy using the same short-cuts for all languages.

    • JabRef: A manager for references. Does what it should and many things more.

Books on Research, Productivity, and Writing: